Medical Sociology

The concept of medical sociology in epileptology is based on external case-management, i.e. the development of a framework that facilitates and supports the deployment of social work for individual patients. This indicates that medical sociology and social work in epilepsy are closely linked.

At the Epilepsy-Center Berlin-Brandenburg, medical sociology comprises development and sustainment of cooperation projects with institutions in charge of psychosocial and occupational support and with the Department of Rehabilitation for patients with epilepsy at the Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Beelitz-Heilstätten. Another focus is on development and realisation of the Comprehensive Care model at the Epilepsy-Center. Medical sociology is in close contact with epilepsy self-help organisations in Berlin and nationally. Specific patient education programmes are offered for adolscents and adults.

MPH Dipl. Soz. Norbert van Kampen
Medical Sociologist
Master of Public Health
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