Children and adolescents (EP1)

Epilepsies in children and youth may have clinical forms and causes that clearly differ from those in adults. Precise diagnostic investigations are the prerequisite for clear classification and identification of the underlying causes, for establishment of individual treatment regimen and detection of abundant comorbidities such as developmental and behavioural disorders.

On ward EP1, young patients between 1 and 17 years of age are admitted for diagnosis and treatment of difficult-to-treat forms of epilepsy as well as for delineation of non-epileptic paroxysmal events. The procedures include comprehensive EEG-diagnostics, if necessary pre-surgical video-EEG-monitoring, specific neuroimaging (MRI, PET, SPECT) as well as further examinations to detect the cause of epilepsy (organscreening, neurometabolic, genetics).

The therapeutic spectrum comprises pharmacotherapy, epilepsy surgery, vagal nerve stimulation, ketogenic diet, biofeedback approaches and patient education courses such as FAMOSES and MARSMOMENTE.

Developmental and behavioural comorbidities are treated specifically by neuropediatricians and –psychologists. We closely work together with our hospital’s Department for Child- and Youthpsychiatry.

Currently, patients stay in 3- to 4-bed-rooms and two single rooms. If necessary, rooming-in is possible. From summer 2013 onwards, all patients will be offered single and double rooms.

Our multidisciplinary team comprises neuropediatricians and pediatric nurses both specialised in epilepsy, neuropsychologist, psychotherapist, speechtherapist, ergotherapist, physiotherapist and dietician.

Dr. med. Mira Beckhaus
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Hospital admittance to the ward for children and adolescents is organised by our Case-Manager:

Doris Martin
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